What Can You Do to Make the Escort Like You

What Can You Do to Make the Escort Like You

Dating an escort is not a difficult thing to do. All you need to have is enough money to afford their service, and you can enjoy some quality time with beautiful women without having the worry of impressing her. It is a perfect date which will assure you that you will get lucky by the end of the day. So why do you need to impress an escort? Maybe it will build a strong repo of your personality in her eyes. Maybe next time she will offer you a little more because of how good of a gentleman you are. No matter what the reason for impressing her is, there are several things you can do that your escort will appreciate.

Show Respect

The key to putting your name in their book of good clients is to give her the respect that she deserves. Many clients forget to look at their escorts as normal women. They have poor choices of words, rude behaviour, and egoistic attitude while they are with an escort. This really turns down the mood of the escort whether or not she continues with the service. Respecting her like a lady will make her feel special, which will in turn work for you.

Be on time

Escorts hate waiting for their clients. Try to be present at the venue at least 5 minutes before she is expecting you. Let her know in advance that you are going to be late, as she might have other clients to attend to in her schedule. If you are late and want to spend extra time with her, be polite to ask if she has free time to extend your session. Always pay her for the time you took with the same amount that you both decided earlier.

Know your lingo

Escorts use a lot of lingos to discuss sexual services to keep things less awkward while discussing what you want. Make sure that you have this whole conversation over the phone so that you do not have to talk about it face to face. Also, once you have discussed all your preferences, do not add more requests after meeting her. This will prove to her that you are not desperate and know how to stick to your decisions.

Ask to review her

You do not have to overexaggerate your experience with her. Keep the review simple and appreciative. You are only making her job harder for her if you write more than her capability as the other clients will expect the same. You can ask her to sit next to you and tell what all the things she would like to get reviewed for. This will gain her interest and excitement to wait for you to finish your review.

Enjoy your session

You do not have have to worry about pleasing her. Instead, you can enjoy the moments to the fullest. Remember that she is trying her best to give you a good experience, and if you are only tensed to please her, you will not enjoy that much. She will feel even better if you enjoyed your time without a worry.

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