What is an Escort?

What is an Escort?

An escorts agency is any licensed individual or persons who, for personal gain, makes themselves readily available to the general public for the purpose of companionship or accompaniment. The service is usually rendered by female escorts. The escorts have to obtain an escorts license from their respective state’s department of revenue. However, an aspiring lady who desires to be in the travel escort industry but doesn’t have a drivers license or driving experience may seek the assistance of a male escorts agency. The male escort also needs to get an escorts license from the local department of revenue.

In contrast to the image of female escorts in the media and in the popular imagination, the male escorts in the profession are far more than men looking for ways to have fun. While women enjoy their work and make a respectable living by working for tips, the earning potential for men in the escort services industry is much higher. And that’s before you consider the crime rates in certain areas where escorts have been hired to go to certain places. Many women have reported being propositioned by men soliciting for sexual services while on assignments in some remote and dangerous locations around the world.

Street prostitution is not the only criminal activity for which escorts are hired. There have been recent incidences in which police have arrested escorts for solicitation in other states. In one case in Ohio, escorts were arrested after attempting to pick up a 15 year old girl for sexual services. The Ohio State Supreme Court has ordered the arrest of all remaining escorts involved in the prostitution ring which operates near the University of Cleveland.

Escorts do not belong to the category of people who should be regarded as ‘public enemy’ when they solicit services from people they know to be vulnerable and unfortunate enough to need someone to provide them with sexual favors. In most states it is perfectly acceptable for police officers to arrest anyone they believe is engaging in criminal behavior-regardless of their gender or status-on suspicion that they are engaged in sexual activities. However, for police officers to then use their discretion to arrest anyone solely on suspicion alone (as is the case with the Ohio court order) is not justifiable by any reasonable person. This is especially true when there are more reasonable alternatives to conducting sting operations involving questionable tactics like placing candy in a child’s soda machine or arranging for a minor to meet an adult prostituting on a public street.

Police officers cannot just stop anyone they encounter on suspicion alone. They must have reasonable suspicion that an individual is either engaging in criminal conduct themselves, or that a person they come in contact with has done so. If an officer stops someone on suspicion that the individual is either committing a crime, is a potential criminal element, is involved in criminal activity or is soliciting a criminal element for immoral purposes (like selling drugs), they must have reasonable suspicion that the individual is engaging in sexual acts. The problem with this standard, of course, is that it is difficult to prove that a person has actually been engaging in criminal conduct without further evidence of such conduct. This is where an escort can step in to step in and offer an undercover service that the police officer may not have recognized, such as escorts providing rides to clients.

What makes an escorts’ job even more interesting and relevant is that an escort’s services do not just include driving clients from place to place. An escort also works on the side of the client, supporting them and assisting them through the entire transaction. For instance, an escort might drive the client to a location where they have sex, only to escort them back to their hotel. The client would never know it, because the escorts are just doing what they do best: protecting the client and ensuring that the transaction goes as smoothly as possible. On the other hand, an escort offers a wide variety of services to multiple clients, sometimes covering all of the needs of two or more individuals. In the case of prostitution, the services offered by escorts include protection for the prostitute, money exchange between the client and the prostitute, and even protection for the purchaser of the prostitution.

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